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Tips For Selecting An Engaging Color Scheme

Color (or even lack of it) is one of the most important elements of design. The right color can do many things, including create a mood, convey a message, draw associations, and encourage particular actions. So it’s essential to give it the careful consideration it deserves. Color psychology is an

5 Tips Designers Can Learn From Developers

Design and development are by no means mutually exclusive. Although each role can be clearly defined by specific expertise and approach, when all is said and done, it’s by working together that we create a successful end product that adheres to the many and varied needs of the client. As

How to Find the Perfect Collaborator for Graphic Designers

Many graphic designers are lone wolves, preferring to manage entire projects themselves in order to retain creative control. However, sometimes large-scale projects or an overflow of incoming work makes collaboration an enticing prospect. Selecting the perfect collaborator is crucial to an outstanding project; choosing the wrong collaborator is internal sabotage.

6 Tips for Estimating Price Quotes

For first time freelance web designers, nothing is more intimidating then when their first client asks, “Well, what will it cost?” We all imagine the hardest part of getting a gig will be finding the client, the proposal, or the project itself. However, coming up with an accurate price is

So You Want to Be a Graphic Designer?

There are a lot of people that think being a graphic designer is easy. Sure it looks fun and is fun at times, but what they don’t see is the behind the scenes work that takes place to make a success of the chosen career field. So to everyone out

How to Profit from Nonprofits as a Designer

Just because an organization is a nonprofit doesn’t mean there’s no profit to me made from it. And for a number of reasons, not all readily apparent, working with organizations serving the common good can do a lot of good for your bottom line. However, designers seeking to gain a