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3 Retro Icons That Are Making a Comeback

While there are some trends that only come around once before eventually disappearing into the ether of time, some retro icons manage to be revived by future generations. This has become increasingly clear over the last decade as Generation Y, possibly nostalgic for a simpler time that they never got

6 Website Design Trends

When the Internet was new, websites were very simplistic things. These days, bells and whistles are the norm and, if you don’t have said bells and whistles, you might as well not have a website. To have an impact on your end users at all, you need to make it

The Evolution Of Cellphones As Marketing Devices

A lot of Marketing has been hinged off the latest communication trends. The ability to share information is at the centerpiece of marketing as a profession. Even in the earliest times there proved to be uses of those primitive communication devices for marketing. Smoke signals were used to inform people

Media Changing the Wealth Distribution

Jobs have changed over the years. There are now jobs that earn people millions of dollars. The wealth distribution of the world has changed greatly in the last century. Even though other forms of technological advancements have helped reshape society, media has played a pivotal role. There have been so