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15+ Examples of Useful Freebies to Use

As a designer, you take pride in your work, and you take the time to make your presentations as professional looking as possible. Like most other designers, you constantly seek ways to work faster and more efficiently. You don’t however want the quality of your output to suffer to achieve

10 Design Resources You Could Never Think Were Free

Whether you are designing your own site or you are a professional website designer, you are always looking for a way to make your site sleeker, prettier, more functional, easier to use and more. At the same time you want loads and loads of options to play around with for

10 Free Design Resources that are Useful

Having a bunch of great designing resources at your disposal can save you a lot of time and money. Pre-developed web templates helps you to avoid developing each and every element from scratch and also assists in significantly cutting down project costs. There are a number of such useful design

12 Awesome Free UI Kits

UI Kits are real time savers for busy designers. When some fantastic UI kits are available free of cost, it gives another compelling reason to use them. We bring you 12 free, useful and aesthetically pleasing user-interface kits that you would surely treasure as a designer. 1. Android-based UI kit

10 Amazing WDD Freebies for Designers

WebDesigner Depot is known for their quality content that they push out on a daily basis and these freebies will ease up your workflow as a designer. Quality is the foundation that these freebies are built on and you won’t receive anything less from the WDD team. Each freebie is

20 Funky Urban Fonts

Written language is as important as spoken language because it enables you to send a message using exactly the words you want and spare you from those awkward moments of silence that sometimes accompany the conversation. Using the right font when writing a text, whether it’s for a birthday invitation,

30 High-Quality Vector & PSD Ribbons

Ribbons are very popular elements to brighten up a design. No matter whether you are creating a congratulation card, print advertisement, website or any different type of design, it’s the perfect way to put some life to your design. As ribbons can be very eye-catching they are popular to use

Free Valentines Icon Set (14 Icons, PNG, AI)

Valentines Day is around the corner, a day filled with love, chocolates, roses, hugs and kisses. We thought it would be fair to bring you a quality valentines icon set designed by the guys over at An1ken Creative. The icon set features 14 icons in 3 different sizes: 256×256, 128×128