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30 Beautiful Vector Building Arts for Inspiration

The demand for graphic representations of different elements has augmented lately. Instead of handmade painting for different objects the prospective clients prefer graphic representations of the same thing. The graphical representations of the different of the company logos or background images or any other things are much more cleaner which

30 Minimalistic Icon Sets

Minimalism is all the rage in web design at the moment. For good reason too, with the amount of information that is often required of a website, they can get cluttered up pretty quickly if you don’t keep a firm hand on the design. By cutting things back to a

25 Latest Free WordPress Themes

There are thousands of free WordPress themes on the net, but we bet you’re excited about the latest WordPress themes that are available free of charge, right? And here is why we think you will like today’s article: The WordPress themes featured below have been launched in 2012; in other

25+ Free High Quality HTML Templates

In today’s world, online presence is crucial. Whether you own a business or just want to promote yourself, you need to be “out there”. IM Creator is a new simple and free website builder platform that allows you to create your website in a trouble-free, accessible and pleasant experience. IM

30 Free Grunge Fonts You Can Use on the Web

Grunge design never seems to go out of style. There’s always another rock band or a designer who wants to look hardcore around the corner. Luckily for you, font designers have decided that there shouldn’t be any shortage of free web fonts for fans of the grunge visual style around

Callmedia – Business Style Web Layout (PSD)

Today we will be releasing a freebie that was designed by Davey Heuser from Clean-Graphics. This business styled web layout portraits professionalism with seemingless patterns and a soft toned color scheme to say the least. We hope that you enjoy the freebie and remember to checkout the authors website. Callmedia

Simple Featured Slider (PSD)

In today’s freebie I will be handing over a simple featured Slider PSD to all of you. With so many posts about featured slideshows and sliders in the community today, I thought I would make a quick freebie to jump on the bandwagon. The total width of the slider is