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30 Stunning Examples of Spot UV Printed Business Cards

Business Cards still reign supreme when it comes to physically exchanging contact details, despite the wide range of overly technical mobile phone apps and gadgets that are constantly claiming to be the next big thing. Thanks to the rapid advancement of today’s technology, there really are no limitations when it comes to business card creativity, allowing you to dream up a wide range of sizes, shapes, textures and effects.

21 Instigating Business Card Designs

We are recognized through the way we look and perceive ourselves. Therefore having an instigating business card is important. You want clients to take action when they find your business cards in the car or in their pockets. Making sure that you ultimately portray who and what you are is

17 New Inspiring Business Cards

We can never have enough inspiration. That is what it comes down to. We live in a world that evolves around us. People constantly say they don’t like change, but a year from now everything is different…Why is that? It’s because innovation takes over and change is inevitable. That is

26 New Beautifully Designed Business Cards

Business cards; a source of advertising/promoting that isn’t dead yet. Today I have decided to round up 26 new beautiful business cards to inspire you. These cards are created by different designers on the net and showcased on Behance or Deviantart. I hope you enjoy the roundup of beautifully designed

30 Black Business Card Designs to Inspire

We’ve seen a lot of business card designs. The most common design would be the simplistic white cards with contact details and personal information. White somehow signifies “corporate” and “formal” so in designing cards, white have become a safety zone for many professionals. However, given that white is safe and

25 Interesting Business Card Designs

Everyone hands out business cards. Either at events, conferences or social meet ups, everyone has different looking business cards too. I have rounded up 25 good looking business cards to inspire you for the week. I hope you enjoy them and find them as inspiring as I did. 8

20 Uniquely Creative Business Cards

Everyone would at some point or another require a business card. Be it you are a lawyer, designer or doctor, you would want your business card to make an impact on the person who is receiving it. But how do you leave an impression? Below are 20 of my all-time