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25 Dribbble Shots of iOS7 Redesigns

iOS7 is up and running, so everywhere designers and developers have gone back to the drawing board to create new versions of apps and icons to live up to the new standard. It is also a rich opportunity to introduce new futures and possibilities. Macworld recons that some will describe

21 Envelope Designs to Inspire You

Envelopes have been used to transport letters, goods and money since 1901 when it was patented by Americus F. Callahan. Since then the designs of envelopes have been changed and modified to all different shapes and sizes, but until today the patented envelope still makes its appearance in millions of

20 Inspiring Manipulated Surreal Faces

Your face says a lot about you. May it be eyes, lips or cheeks. When a brush is grasped in the hands of a painter or artist, extraordinary images of faces are produced. Many contemporary art forms pioneer in the art of face portraits. An illusion, an interpretation or a