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Bosslogic Speed Art Videos (Inspiration)

I always love looking at speed art videos. It not only inspires you, but shows you exactly how everything came together right from the start. Bosslogic has been a great inspiration to thousands of digital artists all over the world. I interviewed him in 2010 on Creativeoverflow and since then

The Client is Always… Poster Collection

Clients. People dealt with daily by designers in order to put food on their tables. People that make the World go round. People who are always…(Insert word here). Jonathan Quintin from Bristol in the United Kingdom has created a poster collection accurately describing what a client is to a designer.

30 Abstract Traditional Paintings

When we look at what is possible in the 21st century through technology and we look back at the pre computer age, we wonder how people survived and what they did with their time…not even to mention the artists. Nowadays it’s easy to pop open Photoshop and build a beautiful

50 Stunning Super Hero Posters

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a roundup of super hero posters! I love illustration in general, but super heroes are an awe-inspiring genre of design that gets my creative energies up to their super power levels. These posters focus on various genres of super hero designs –

16 Amazing Examples of Amazing Sidewalk Art

Graffiti and street art have taken on a whole new level. Many renowned artists have made their mark creating drawings, paintings, and sculptures on the public streets, sidewalks, and buildings. Sidewalk art has recently gained quite a bit of notoriety on its own. Many artists have garnered acclaim for creating