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21 Slick Soccer Logos

There’s no arguing that soccer (or football, depending where you are in the world) is the most popular and most interesting sport worldwide. It’s actually quite incredible. It’s not just good entertainment; it also has a remarkable ability to bring people, and nations together. It gives people a common interest

25 Positively Awesome Number Logos

Many brands and companies use number logos. 7/11, 7 UP, G4S, and Super8 are just a few examples of many. For that reason, I’ve decided to put together a collection of number related logos. But first, here are 10 quick and interesting facts about numbers: If you write out pi

30 Crazy Colorful Logos

Sometimes you just need a bit of POP to attract attention to your logo, and nothing pops quite like a splash of color. Added color can actually scientifically increase your logos attention. Check out these 10 quick facts about color from UCREATIVE: The world’s most popular color is blue./li> Red

28 Muscle & Fitness Logos

Just got back from the gym and thought I’d throw together a collection of muscle and fitness logos for your inspiration! But first, here’s 10 quick facts about muscles: Muscles make up about 40% of total body weight. If all of the muscles in the body could all pull in

40 Typography Based Logos

Typography is defined as “the art or process of printing with type” ( It truly is an art and can be the difference between success and failure. For example, logo typography is all about appealing to your target market in the form of letters and type. A certain style of

28 Beard & Stache Logos

I’ll be honest. These logos are super cool, but I have no idea how to introduce them. So instead of blabbing on, here’s 10 facts about facial hair! On average, a man’s beard will grow 5.5 inches per year. If you were to put down the razor and stop shaving

27 Fishey Logos

I’ll have to honest, there’s not much to say about this week’s fish logo roundup. So here’s 10 facts about fish! Sharks are the only fish that have eyelids. Most fish have taste buds all over their body. The fastest fish is the sailfish. It can swim as fast as

26 Shock & Awe Electric Logos

If you’re like me, you probably don’t know much about the form of energy that powers our everyday life. For that reason, here are 10 quick facts about electricity to get you up to speed: Courtesy of A platypus hunts via electricity and has 80 different kinds of venomous

24 Very Handy Logo Designs

The hand is a very remarkable piece of ‘equipment’. Like did you know that the human hand has 27 bones, 29 joints and at least 123 named ligaments? Or that it takes up to 6 months for a fingernail to grow from root to tip? Here are a few more

26 Clean and Green Environmental Logos

We only have one home, protecting it should be of utmost priority! Plenty of companies, NPO’s, and government bodies have set exactly this as their goal and mission. If you’re not convinced, hopefully this will sway you. 27,000 trees are cut down each day and used for Toilet Paper. Rainforests