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28 Fresh n’ Delicious Pizza Logos

Did you know that during the early 20th century, pizza was mainly only consumed by working class Italian immigrants, but quickly rose in popularity when WWII soldiers returned to their homeland with a craving for the cheesy dish? Or how about that the top 5 highest selling pizza days are

34 Fierce (and not-so-fierce) Viking Logos

The Vikings were both fascinating and terrifying. The modern knowledge of these people is based mostly on stereotype, so let’s clear the air. Viking never actually wore horned helmets like todays costumes depict Vikings had excellent hygiene, using tweezers, razors, combs and ear cleaners made from animal bones and antlers.

A Pot Full Of 25 Poker Logos

I’ll be honest. I don’t have a clue how to play poker. I wouldn’t even know where to begin… Poker first popped up on my radar in 2004 during the NHL lockout. There was no hockey on TV, so networks needed a substitute. Then came in poker. I remember it

35 Car Logos To Rev Up Your Business

The car industry is massive. Beyond the actual car production phase, there’s a ton of business opportunity. Dealerships buy and sell, mechanics service and repair, companies make parts, bloggers write about specs and influence consumers, gas stations fuel and power, and car washes… wash. The auto manufacturing industry is valued

30 Soarin’ Airplane Logos

The airline industry is HUGE! Everyday, more than 8 million people fly. In 2013, more than 3.1 billion people flew; a number that’s expected to jump to over 3.8 billion next year. If you’re crunching the numbers in your head, yes, that’s about half the world’s population. Now, that’s the

23 Bright & Glowing Neon Sign Logos

The science behind a neon sign is actually quite interesting. According to a post on, Neon signs are glass tubes bent into letters or shapes, and the type of gas combined with the color of the glass determines their color. Different gases produce different colors. Neon emits red light,