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19 Famous Logos Reimagined

The bigger the brand, the more recognizable the logo. Even if you don’t drink Red Bull, eat at McDonalds and shop on Amazon, the logos of these brands have become so iconic that you’d be hard pushed to find someone in the Western world that doesn’t recognize them. But what

I’m Hungry, So Here’s 29 Logos For Foodies!

The title doesn’t lie; I’m actually incredibly hungry as I’m writing this. I’m cutting dairy from my diet so my food selection is a tad limited… There are more than 230,000 fast-food establishments and more than 350,000 independent restaurants in the U.S alone. The food industry is absolutely massive due

31 Candy Logos That Will Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

If you don’t like candy, please leave. Okay, now that you’re all still here, let’s talk about everyones favorite treat. Here are 10 sweet-sweet facts on candy. Americans buy 600 million pounds of candy on Halloween. Surprisingly, the most popular candy is candy corn, selling 20 million pounds a year

32 Logos For Your Urban Inspiration

If your business is in a downtown core, a logo that incorporates an urban setting would make a lot of sense; whether it be a famous local landmark like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, or the Christ the Redeemer statue. Something more general could be

28 Logos That Will Make You Scream U-S-A!

U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A; a chant that’s all too familiar when a crowd of Americans get together. Patriotism is just one of the many qualities that runs deep in American identity. Americans love being American and aren’t afraid to show it! As an American company, advertising the fact that you’re American