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20 Cool Envelope Designs for Direct Mail Inspiration

Direct mail is still a highly effective form of marketing, but it’s not always as simple as writing a great sales letter and sending it off. The way that marketing collateral is packaged makes a huge difference-and for direct mail, that means creating an engaging envelope design. Since prospects sometimes

11 Beautiful Whiskey Packaging Designs

Whiskey has long been a popular drink for the rich and wealthy. Having their favorite brands always perched in their offices with a few crystal glasses and a beautiful decanter, the whiskey lovers never say no to trying new whiskey. These whiskey packaging design that I have featured below isn’t

Beautiful Innovative Packaging Designs

Packaging Design is part of our everyday lives, we see it where ever we go. Whether that is in grocery store packaging, corrugated boxes for businesses, or unique bottle design, good packaging designs influence purchases we make every day. The primary goal of Packaging design is attracting a buyers attention