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23 Alternative Beach Photos

There’s nothing like a good beach day; catching rays and swimming in the ocean! It also just so happens that the beach makes for some very picturesque photos, especially when paired with some fog or popping colors. Rather then focus on the classic tropical beach shot, I’ve decided to focus

25 Blast-From-The-Past Comic Designs

In honor of the movie release of Logan, based on one of the most popular comics of all time, I’ve decided to put together a collection of comic based graphic design projects. But before we get into that, here’s 10 quick and interesting facts about comics! The font Comic Sans

25 Positively Awesome Number Logos

Many brands and companies use number logos. 7/11, 7 UP, G4S, and Super8 are just a few examples of many. For that reason, I’ve decided to put together a collection of number related logos. But first, here are 10 quick and interesting facts about numbers: If you write out pi

24 Terrific Tokyo Photos

After putting together this week’s photography roundup, I am definitely feeling inspired to take a trip to Tokyo. What an interesting and magnificent city! Did you know that: There are 5 enormous cylindrical shafts underneath of Tokyo, Japan which fill with water in case of a flood so it does

26 Deceptive Graphic Designs

What actually is an illusion? I’m sure you’ve spent a decent amount of time staring at an optical illusion at some point. defines illusion as “something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.” Illusions aside, some imagery can just be straight trippy; not intending to

30 Crazy Colorful Logos

Sometimes you just need a bit of POP to attract attention to your logo, and nothing pops quite like a splash of color. Added color can actually scientifically increase your logos attention. Check out these 10 quick facts about color from UCREATIVE: The world’s most popular color is blue./li> Red

28 Mind-Blowing Photo Manipulations

Honestly, this is my favorite roundup so far! I find these manipulations so cool and creative. Huge shoutout to the artists involved for supplying us with the below masterpieces. From manipulating the human form, to tech and social media, to a not-so-simple coffee cups; you’ll see it all in this

23 Delicious Dessert Graphic Designs!

Is there anything better than dessert? Seriously… I’m not sure about you but I’ve got a separate department in my stomach dedicated to desserts, that never gets full. No matter how much I eat, I’ll always have room for dessert. But enough about me, here’s some desserts that are exclusive

25 Unique and Incredible Homes

While these houses might not be the biggest or the most expensive in the world, they are definitely incredibly beautiful; from the designs, to the extra features (like pools and garages.) Before we get into it, here are the prices and locations of the top 10 most expensive houses in