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19 Photos Of All Things Vintage

For some reason I find myself occasionally wishing that I grew up in the olden days. When I say olden days I picture a time similar to the era that Back to the Future was based. I often wish that I could of experienced a simpler and more basic time.

25 Modern Architecture Photos

Architecture has advanced immensely. From early humans living in caves, to the Pyramids of Giza, to modern humans building cities of skyscrapers that pierce the clouds. According to , the first reliable traces of human dwellings are found from as early as 30,000 years ago “and include circular or

21 Frozen Lake Photos

One of my coolest frozen lake experiences was in Invermere British Columbia, Canada a few winters ago. Lake Invermere is fairly big, 8.43 km² to be exact, but that wasn’t the interesting part. What blew my mind was when I chucked a rock onto the ice, the lake made a

20 Small But Magnificent Boats

This week’s photography roundup might sound kind of random, but allow me to explain. Today was cloudy and hazy at the beach; not an ideal beach day. But as I was walking along the coast, I saw a small wooden boat tied to a rope on shore. What would normally

24 Night Light Photos

Low light photography is one of the most difficult skills in photography but if executed correctly, one of the most spectacular. Whether you’re photographing the night sky, street lights, city lights, or painting with lights, your end result has the potential to look incredible! Shooting in low light requires the

21 Color Photos That’ll Make Your Eyes Pop

Colors play a massive role in everyone’s day-to-day life. If you’re not color blind, your eye can process somewhere around 7,000,000 colors. The power of the eye is a whole different conversation and can be left for another day, but colors in-and-of itself is a very fascinating topic to look

24 Arctic Inspired Photos #snowpocalypse

I just recently finished watching BBC’s Planet Earth documentary and was really blown away by the beauty of the Arctic. The temperatures drop well below -50 so obviously tourism isn’t really an option; meaning most people don’t get to experience the beauty of the poles. I would love to one

25 Blue Works Of Graffiti

There’s a large group of people who are very much opposed to graffiti. Those that think it’s unsightly and ugly. BUT, there’s also a very big international graffiti community who think otherwise. Who see graffiti as an art form. I find myself somewhere in the middle. There’s a lot of

22 Dry & Dusty Desert Photos

Though very vast and mostly barren, if you’ve seen a documentary like BBC’s Planet Earth you’ll know how intricate and spectacular deserts truly are. Here are 8 facts from Discover Magazine about deserts that will definitely blow your mind! Sure, our planet looks like a watery blue marble from space,