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25 Old And New Poster-Worthy Dunks

Some will tell you that the modern NBA is a shooters game, with the dominance of the Warriors in the past few years, where three’s are as common as a layup. There’s a lot of merit to that stance. But while hitting an average of 13.1 three’s per game is

27 Breathtaking Photos of Waterfalls

If you’ve ever seen a major waterfall in person, you’ll understand the magnitude of the facts below. Not only are waterfalls very beautiful, they also have a pretty awe-inspiring side to them as well. The massive volume of water that flows through some waterfalls is really incredible to watch. For

26 Photos For The Home Design Enthusiasts

There are so many different aspects to a house that can make it special. The people inside it obviously are the most important, but aesthetically, and even practically, a house can be changed and altered to make it totally amazing. If you’re building a house from scratch, you have the