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The Best HDR Photographs of Urban Subjects

High Dynamic Range photography produces stunning and unique pictures, perfect for making a design for the web or printed postcards appear irresistible. When photographers want to create an HDR image, they actually take several pictures (at least three) at different exposure levels, and then they use photo-editing software to combine

20 Amazing Sand Sculpture Art Examples

History of sand sculpture is as old as the sand itself. Not practices formally as other art forms which can be tracked in the lines of history. This is kind of informal art which is gaining popularity and now has become a full fledged art form in the mid of

20 Fabulous Flare Photographs

Flare photography is the category of photography in which light or sunlight is used as a source to enhance the beauty of the pictures. When the light contacts the lens it scattered into many directions by crossing through the microscopic glass particles of the lens. At times the light flare

20 Inventive and Surreal Nightscape Artworks

One of the most outstanding and captivating scenery that any artist or even an ordinary man could capture is nightscape. This form of art shows what a happening would look like on a nighttime where colors, lights, and other elements can all make up interesting details. With just the right

20 Best Examples of Macro Photography

Photography is an art and passion for those who want to show their skills in the field of creativity. Macro photography is a type of Close-up photography which focuses on shooting tiny objects. A lot of photographers try to capture the essence of very small insects and plants in the

22 Adorable Dog Photos for Your Next Canvas Print

Having dogs has its perks. Dogs comfort you when you feel troubled or accompany you whenever you feel alone. A mere look at them brightens up a bad day. However, keeping them can be expensive as you’ll need to spend for dog food, training, and grooming. You also have to