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Invoicing Made Painless with FreshBooks

Dealing with business paperwork the old-fashioned way seems so archaic considering the number of helpful online tools available to small business owners these days. That’s why I gave FreshBooks a spin – it’s the #1 cloud accounting solution for small business owners – and has been a dream to use

ONE MILLION Logos Designed at

Whenever a business is started, each founder has his or her milestone that they are set out to reach. In this case it was One Million online logo design creations completed through almost 20,000 contests. That is a lot of logos. There are a lot of different contest commission driven

The Go-To Place For Identifying Any Font

Finding the perfect font can prove to be a toilsome mission. Once I’ve got my mind set on a curiously written word somewhere on the internet, I can’t find rest until I’ve located the elusive font, or at least found a closely related alternative. Sometimes, the search takes forever, and

Clean and easy, fresh and breezy

Every once in a while it so happens that you come across a website that brings both design and functionality to a harmonious unity and stands out from all the rest. This occurrence is rare so I thought I’d share it: presents itself as a very user friendly site