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Creating a Brushed Metal Effect in Adobe Illustrator CS5

Normally, most designers would think you’d need to bring your design into Photoshop to create a realistic brushed metal effect. Not anymore! I’ll explain how to create the same effect in Illustrator — which brings with it, of course, the added advantages of vector graphics, such as the ability to

How to Create a Simple Earth Logo in Photoshop

I have created many different styles of logo design over the years, ranging from simple shape, single color designs to more elaborate Web 2.0 style logos. As an artist, I prefer the designs I’ve created that involve more of a creative flair, but as a designer, I understand that not

Creating a Logo: Sketchpad to Illustrator (Process)

In this tutorial, DesignCrowd logo designer Alan Lee describes how to create a logo in Illustrator after first sketching it out on his sketchpad of choice: a children’s sketchpad. The tutorial documents the process by starting right from the beginning and showcasing how the steps were taken to the final

Create A Retro Inspired Business Card

In today’s tutorial Kendra Gaines will be running you through creating a beautiful retro business card in Photoshop. Its a detailed tutorial focusing on all the aspects of the design and creation. People love having there own business cards and won’t it be great to know you can create your

Creating a Vertical Navigation Menu in Photoshop

A few weeks ago we posted a Vertical Navigation Menu freebie on Creativeoverflow so I decided to do a tutorial on how I created the menu. Its a detailed tutorial and not just for those starting in the web design industry. In the tutorial you will learn how to setup

25 Best Photoshop Video Tutorials

Photoshop’s all about the visuals, so it’s no surprise that it makes for some good videos. You can see step-by-step how buttons, collages or even paintings are created. Instead of reading through books describing what needs to be selected, activated and clicked, you can simply imitate mouse clicks knowing exactly