Classroom of the Future Intro [Infographic]

Would you have enjoyed school if you’d been swiping around an interactive screen rather than copying off a dusty old chalkboard? Preferred a virtual reality headset to a textbook? Created masterpieces with a 3D printer instead of a sheet of tracing paper? Well, with recent and predicted advancements in technology, that’s something that our children and grandchildren could well be looking forward to…

Hope Education (one of the UK’s leading suppliers of educational resources) has developed an interactive tool called The Classroom of the Future, designed to illustrate just how space-age schooling is going to get. With game-led learning, feedback delivered through the Cloud and designated coding workstations, it seems that future generations are going to have a blast when it comes to preparing for their exams. Think it sounds too good to be true? Check it out for yourself…

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The Geek-Apocalypse
Provided by Hope Education

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