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Every once in a while it so happens that you come across a website that brings both design and functionality to a harmonious unity and stands out from all the rest. This occurrence is rare so I thought I’d share it: presents itself as a very user friendly site from the beginning, with very few details requested when registering. This speeds up things and allows you to benefit from all its features. Not that you need to register, anybody can do what they came for without ever logging in however you’ll want to come back once you see it so you might as well.


The clean and easy design shines when it comes to how the site is structured, with stock vectors and photos listed in different categories which can easily be accessed via the Popular categories page. There’s also the main search bar which lets you choose between searching for images, vectors or both based on the keywords you input so you don’t have to sift through pages upon pages of bad results before finding the one you need.


You’ll probably notice the quality of the photos stands out and that’s only because the Stockfresh creators rigorously check that only the best stuff gets on the site. This way you’ll also save time by knowing beforehand that any result that pops up has the quality you need.

Now that you’ve found the photos you need you need to pay for them. But fear not, as the prices are more than affordable for anyone from simple users to design firms or big publishers. They are based on download size and in order to make the purchase you have to buy the so called download credits – 1 credit costs about USD $1, but the more you buy the cheaper they get.


If you’re a constant customer for stock imagery, there’s the really great option of subscription packages which allows you to buy up to 25 images per day, up to M size and, just as before, the more you buy, the less you end up spending on individual images because it comes up at about $0.20 apiece.


Another testament for the quality of the photos and vectors available is that some of the veterans in the industry have chosen to have their portfolios available through this microstock agency, like Wavebreak Media, Irene Kurhan or Anders Rodriguez, who account for a whopping 150 thousand of the files available.

You can like Stockfresh for various reasons: if you wanted to buy photos you’ll like the quality and easy navigability but you can also submit your work for some of the best commissions on the market so regardless of the reason you visit, it’s a major resource you should use.

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