Continuing Success With A Little Help From Technology

If you’re an SME and you’re older than five years then congratulations are in order. About half of small businesses don’t last this long. But, as you’ll have already learned by now, standing still isn’t an option. Pat yourself on the back if you like, but don’t reach for the pipe and slippers just yet, there’s still plenty to do before you can consider yourself a big success.

Taking the next step is tricky. While you clearly want to grow – hire new people, launch new products and services, spend more on marketing – you’ll no doubt be worried about stretching your resources too far.

This is where technology becomes worth its weight in gold. There are hardware and software on the market that will help you make the leap from startup to established success story without breaking the bank…

HR software

Many SMEs have minimal or small scale HR when they first start out yet this is crucial to keeping things on track as you grow. You need HR to manage your team and ensure that you run a happy and efficient ship. Technology means that it is now possible to benefit from a reliable HR system that can handle much of this for you in a simple, efficient and cost-effective way. It’s also possible to use cloud technology to storage and manage your files in a manner that doesn’t leave you drowning under a mountain of printed documents or going shopping for filing cabinets galore.

Project management

Handling more and more orders from an increasing number of clients? Perhaps you’ve got increasing numbers of staff working on ever-complex projects? It can be tricky to ensure that you keep up with the pace of running a successful and growing business. That’s where project management systems can come in – helping you to allocate tasks, properly plan your work and produce things such as Gantt charts.


Travel is an expensive drain for any business. The cost of fuel or public transport tickets is not insignificant and, added to productivity issues with the amount of time spent out of the office, it can be a big headache as you try to get out to meetings with clients and attend pitches to prospective new clients. Video call facilities, such as Google Hangout, have vastly improved the way conferencing can be carried out online and now mean that you avoid travel for all, bar the essential meetings and slash the time and money that you waste on travel.

Web hosting

Did you launch your business with a basic WordPress website? Maybe you don’t even have one? A sixth of SMEs have no website at all even in an age where digital technology is so widespread. It’s now time to launch or upgrade your site. Whether you want a fully-operational e-commerce site or the slickest shop window you can afford, it’s well worth getting this up to scratch. A good site with well-written content – maybe even a regular blog – with help you to be as visible as possible, putting you in front of the eyes of more potential customers.

Featured Image: Crew