Cookie Themes: A New Website Marketplace

Web designers are always selling their practice templates or commercial templates that weren’t used. I’m sure everyone knows about Envato’s Marketplaces, but what about some of the new ones that are starting up. Cookie Themes is a new marketplace for web designers to sell their web templates and coded designs. Sure it is only in its start up phase, but already boasting with 555 marketplace members, things are starting to point in the right direction. Let’s have a look at some of the qualities of Cookie Themes.

Enticing Site Design

Cookie themes boasts with a really user friendly website. Navigating the site is a breeze and the light blue soothes your senses. All the links you need is stationed right in front of you, which makes things easier to read and find.

Author Themes

The site currently has 19 themes listed in total, but most of them are either PSD or HTML coded sites. According to the owner of Cookie Themes, wordpress portfolio themes and magazine styled themes are coming to the market place soon though. I suppose things will also look up in the wordpress area once more authors join the marketplace to get some work sold.

How it works

Sure the marketplace comes across as really simple once you look at it. It functions in many the same way the Themeforest marketplace does, but who said there couldn’t be room for more marketplaces right? Once signing up for a account on the site, you will notice this site isn’t just for English users, but other languages as well. This marketplace could reach some people that can’t understand English, this is definitely a bonus on their side. Once signed up you are able to purchase a theme, after activating your account and making sure all your information is in order.

As a author you will have your own profile with ample amount of space to express yourself. This site is essentially more geared towards website designers obviously stated in the marketplaces name as well. The marketplace is still currently in BETA stages, so giving feedback and helping them fine tune all their problems will be greatly appreciated from them. Meanwhile if you are looking for a new marketplace to try out, try Cookie Themes.

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