Create Websites for All of Your Clients with X Theme 3.0

You know as well as I do that a web designer has to deal with clients coming from different areas of activity, on a daily basis. Professionals from every field of practice, retailers, and even institutions are rushing to join in the onslaught of digital.

From a design standpoint, each of your clients has unique demands. Building the corporate website of a mobile company is a whole other matter than creating a personal blog, or an online clothing store.

Traditionally, web designers scanned markets for the best assets to use in each situation. But the WordPress scene is evolving. Now, we can choose to work with powerful themes, which unite features and designs for all purposes. The best of them have a live editor, and offer multiple integration.

Launch Successful WooCommerce Websites

The overwhelming majority of projects seem to involve web store creation. So, what are the essentials of designing E-Commerce websites on WordPress?

First and foremost, the products you intend to sell should be showcased using top-grade images. It’s the surest way of tempting viewers into buying them. Your graphics, textures, and fonts should place products in the spotlight. On top of that, every visitor should be able to track down items, and browse category pages with ease.

Integrity, Renew, Icon, and Ethos are the names of four individual designs built into X Theme. They each offer a distinct starting point to make unique websites. For WooCommerce projects, any of them will do. Themeco also started to tailor WordPress plugins around X Theme. Some of them can really come in handy when you’re working on an online store.

Example: if you want to ensure stellar customer service, then all customer requests should be answered fast. No exceptions. An extension like Olark would help you create the perfect resolution center for client queries.


In addition, X Theme has a very simple way of subscribing users to a MailChimp e-mailing list. Not only that, but you can also customize inviting sign-up forms using the MailChimp integration created by Themeco.

Also, consider marketing offers. What would be the best way to introduce deals? Well-timed videos, potentially. The Video Lock enables full page presentations for a product or service. And you’ll enjoy configuring it. The video would be responsive across devices, and you can add header or footer captions.

The menswear shop showcased below is based on Integrity. It also has a charming motion background at the top of the page (not visible in this image).

Make Your Portfolios Stand Out

Portfolios require a different approach than vendor websites. The central idea is to carve a professional identity for the online medium, so the website has to be exceptional.

Whether you’re making your own design portfolio, or working on that of a client, the same rules apply. Firstly, you must single out the most impressive and appreciated works. For your portfolio, try to move past your subjective preferences. Only place effective projects front and center. Secondly, make it easy for visitors to peruse them.

Take your pick: Integrity, Renew, and Icon from X Theme can definitely rise to the occasion. What with the 3.0 extensions that are available to you, crafting a sensational portfolio will be child’s play!

If you’re thinking of using parallax backgrounds, then you can enrich them with a Smooth Scrolling feature. With this extension, your scroll bar will never be the same. The best results are seen with viewers who use a mouse wheel to scroll down the page.


X Theme 3.0 also includes a tweaked version of everyone’s all-time favorite page builder: Visual Composer. Thanks to its speedy drag-and-drop process, your portfolio layout will be ready faster than you can say ‘HTML’.

If you’re going to showcase valuable content, you might as well do it in style. You can set up a fabulous content slide with Slider Revolution, and pick a transition effect. That could be the classic fade and slide, or the dynamic 3D, parallax, and zoom-in.

The Renew stack served as the starting point for this creative’s portfolio. Therefore, it relies on flat design.

Design Blogs that Pull Readers In

It takes more than *addicting* content to bring in traffic to a blog. Especially at the very beginning. Interface design plays a big part all the way, though. When you have to create a blog website, the colors you use and the logo are important. So is having simple navigation. And when it comes to text, it should be properly organized. The typography you decide on also counts.

Any Stack from X Theme can be used to create blogs. Icon is a modern and minimal design, which allows the written word to take center stage. The sample image that we used in this section shows a recipe blog made with that Stack.

As for 3.0 Extensions, let’s look at three extremely useful plugins for blogs.

The first one would be Facebook comments. Evidence suggests that this social comment system from X Theme is easy to configure and manage. And since readers always respond to interesting posts, you have to make sure they can. Besides, the mere fact that every comment is tied to a social network can bring in so much traffic.


Secondly, you can use a brilliant Extension to handle external broken links that lead to a 404 error page. Custom 404 helps you take the edge off that unfortunate event. You can insert a background image, and use shortcodes to transform the 404 by adding functions like a search bar. A few words of comfort or clever puns would also go a long way.

My favorite Extension is Content Dock. It’s perfect for letting your readers know that there are other posts they may be interested in. And there is a limit to display dimensions, which prevents content suggestions from taking over the entire screen on smaller devices.


Team up with Themeco This Year

Buckle up! You and I are both in for an eventful year. We haven’t seen the last of X Theme, yet! Now would be a good time to join the 36K+ users in the community. You’ll see that Themeco is picking up on hints to incur certain updates – and come up with new features that meet the hopes of ever web designer!

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