Creative Ways to Inspire Your Employees

Many employers assume that the only reason their staff shows up every morning is so they can score a paycheck at the end of the week. Of course, that may well be true in a few cases, but often it takes a lot more than cash to motivate people. Great managers are able to inspire their employees to go above and beyond the call of duty. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to keep employees motivated and productivity levels high, even if you are the world’s best manager. Here are some tips to help you motivate your employees.

Provide Training Opportunities

training-employeesEducation and training are essential. If you provide opportunities for employees to learn new skills, they will be more productive and engaged. For example, a Six Sigma master black belt course is a highly intensive learning experience, but the rewards for the employee and the company are immense. Research consistently shows that investing in learning benefits everyone.

Encourage Creativity

creativitiy-employeesPeople thrive in creative environments. Large companies like Google and Microsoft recognize this, which is why they offer creative workspaces where people can throw ideas about and come up with exciting new products. Encourage your employees to think outside the box and explore new ways to solve old problems. Your business will flourish as a result.

Recognize Achievements

Employees want their efforts to be recognized, so if someone has done a good job or put in extra time to complete a task, let them know you are pleased with their effort. We all like to feel appreciated, so give them a pat on the back.

Treat Your Staff as People Not Robots

Employees are real human beings. Sometimes they have bad days and occasionally things go horribly wrong in their personal lives. Whilst you should always maintain boundaries, it is important that you show empathy for your employees. Show an interest in their personal life – ask after their kids and organize a birthday cake every year. A little thought goes a long way.

Be Flexible

Try to be as flexible as possible. If an employee wants to change their working hours to fit around family commitments, go with the flow unless it affects the business. Flexibility cuts both ways, so if you give a little, so will they.

Come Up with Creative Ways to Unwind

Workplaces can be incredibly stressful at times. Try to come up with fun ways to beat the stress and encourage employee bonding. Have a cupcake day or a fancy dress day. Organize a night out once a month, perhaps down the local bowling alley for a friendly competition. You could even let employees bring their dog to work once a week!

Offer Productivity Incentives

Incentives are good, as they encourage productivity. They don’t need to be financial. You could offer a voucher for a local store in return for smashing a sale’s target or give extra vacation days. Make the goal achievable and people will strive that little bit harder to win it. If you inspire your employees, they will always go the extra mile for you.

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