Creative Ways to Shake Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you run your own business, you probably have a digital marketing strategy – whether you’re making and selling products via e-commerce or running a global company. If you haven’t, you need to get one. Now. A great digital marketing strategy can be the difference between just getting by, or really pulling in the customers. Digital marketing is evolving day to day. So ask yourself, is your strategy current? Is it still working for you? These are some great ideas to help you shake things up and start 2017 on a high.

Refresh Your Branding

This is always a great place to start making changes. It’s amazing how much difference a small refresh can make. Freshen up your logo and change your fonts and colors. Maybe even alter your website layout. You may find it creates fresh excitement and interest. Look at current trends and new websites for ideas. For example, check out the sleek design of this holding page from a digital marketing expert, Sam Hurley: The entire site isn’t 100% geared up but already he is gaining leads through a simple but effective sign-up form.

The possibilities are endless – there’s no better time than now, even if you think you may not be ready.


Do you have an app? If you do, update it, add to it, and make sure it’s current and relevant. If you don’t have an app, consider getting one. The world is mobile and most companies now have their own apps. Whether you use yours to sell, inform or just have some fun and engage with your clients, an app is a really great way to shake things up, offer greater customer interaction and reach a wider audience.


It couldn’t be easier to record a podcast. You can share it via your website, blog and social media platforms. If people like it, make it a weekly or monthly thing. Podcasts have been around for a while now, but are currently experiencing a peak in popularity. You can use yours to communicate any information you want, from how to’s, to interviews, to a magazine style with lots of different sections. Let your personality shine through. People like getting to know you; it inspires trust and loyalty.

New Platforms

Social media is obviously a huge part of digital marketing today. Having a strong social media presence can do your company a lot of good. There’s no need to stick to the traditional platforms. Branch out and try new things. There are new sites popping up all the time, such as Tribe, which connects brands with influencers. There’s probably a few old favorites that you aren’t already using too. Pinterest is a great place to share ideas and products to the female demographic, while Instagram can be surprisingly useful for e-commerce companies.

Charity Work

The aim of digital marketing is to grow your business and ultimately make more money. So, charity work might not be something that’s occurred to you. However, a bit of philanthropy can go a long way. Publicize your work, hold an event, get people involved. You’ll do some good in the world, and develop a positive reputation, without necessarily having to spend a fortune.

Having a brilliant digital marketing strategy is more important than ever. Just having one simply isn’t enough. The internet and the world in which we live are ever changing – you must keep up. Make sure your digital marketing is fresh and exciting and never let great ideas go stale. Time to act!