Degree or No Degree, that is the Question?

This topic relates to something that has been widely discussed for the last couple of years I presume. The question is, Degree or No Degree? Myself being a self taught Artist has led me do ditch any form of studying to obtain a degree or diploma, personally I think of it as being a waste of time. Time that you can push into teaching yourself and understanding things much better. Yes this is my opinion, but I’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands of people out there that agree with me.

Think of it like this. On average, someone that goes about a study/degree route, ends up starting to work at around the age of 25. They have a 40 year retirement plan ahead of them, which means they want to retire comfortably at the age of 65, Let me lay it out for you this way though.

I bet you they never told you that when you were studying or in school. That is the reality though. I know I want to end up as part of the 1% and that is why I took the conventional route, start young and retire early. I rather started working whilst I was in high school and then went straight into the business side of things after high school. I can tell you that it has been working out phenomenally for me so far.

Now Creativeoverflow readers, what is your opinion?

Degree or No Degree?

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