Design a workspace that unleashes your creativity

Creativity is one of the core values a business can thrive on to ensure that their business will continue to innovate and grow. Creativity spurs new ideas and direction. Therefore, it is important for businesses to create an environment where people within the organisation will be inspired to generate new ideas that will further boost the value of the company. Media agencies have a strong reputation for unleashing creativity within their offices. Below we discuss creative working environments from some of the world’s leading media agencies.

LBI (Lost Boys International, who are now known as Digitas LBI)

They were originally an agency formed in the 1990’s. The creative agency boasts an office in East London, arguably one of the most creative areas in London in what was the old Truman Brewery. Inside their offices, you will see that the concept of the entire office is based on creativity. From the walls that act as a blackboard for meetings and where creative concepts are actively encouraged by the company, as well as creative breakout spaces and areas and an open office plan to actively collaborate with other creative teams. The furniture that is in and around the office is all retro furniture. This enhances their business’s theme as a hipster, fun and creative agency.


Originally a media buying agency, they have expanded into a large international agency under the Group M and WPP umbrella that is headed up by Sir Martin Sorrell. This media agency is one of the leading global agencies that is led by the creative aspect of its campaigns. More on the glamorous and ‘wow factor’ side of creativity, they seek to innovate and provide cutting edge consultancy and campaign solutions for high-end brands. With a minimum spend requirement of £50,000 for a campaign, you can see how they are selective with the types of clients that they work with.

Inside their offices, you will find teams working in open spaces and the creative teams are lead by seasoned pros that also hire young fresh graduates that are buzzing with the creativity from their generation. The office furniture and interior design layout certainly helps with the creativity and motivation for the employees within the organisation. The office furniture is more on the glamorous side and sticks to the theme of the organisation, dubbed ‘the purple palace’. The cutting edge ideas are required for developing strong creative concepts for the likes of Pepsi, Kraft, Unilever and more.


One of the world’s leading advertising agencies that have produced campaigns for some of the world’s most illustrious brands. BBH is famed for working with world leading brands such as Audi, Johnnie Walker and Levi’s. Furthermore, they are renown for winning several advertising awards based on their creative campaigns and have even been dubbed ‘Innovators of the year!’

If you look into BBH’s offices, you will see that all of their staff are creative geniuses. They are known for hiring talent that excels in creativity and in their London office, they have built an environment that reflects that. Their office space seems to be based on more of a conceptual theme, that also provides breakout spaces and meeting areas for their staff to generate creative ideas. And it seems to be working as they continue to dominate as a full-service creative agency.

Furthermore, there are boutique agencies that thrive on the same environment. While many of these agencies are smaller in size, they create their own impact for their niche clientele. The theme that they present provides their clients with the impression that will build confidence and value in their organisation. From the exterior design to the interior furnishings, it all needs to come together to create both the story and overall impression of the agency.

Many successful companies build creative workspaces. If staff can become more creative, it will boost the company’s value. Plan to invest in a creative environment and see your business reap the financial returns over the long term.

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