Design Business Secrets Exposed Ebook Launched

The one thing a lot of people don’t always manage to do when they start a graphic design business is start the right way. I suppose the only reason for that is because people don’t have a guide to help them setup their business as a freelancer, well let’s welcome, “Design Business Secrets Exposed Ebook.” This Ebook will show you exactly how to start a graphic and web design business from home and get on the right track to success.

What is this Ebook about?

Design Business Secrets Exposed is a comprehensive training guide to help graphic and web designers transition to working from home full-time. It consists of 6 detailed, yet easy-to-follow chapters packed with 50 lessons of essential tips, techniques, and tools you will use to earn a steady income from the comfort of your home office. It covers everything you need to know about setting up, marketing, and running a successful home-based graphic and web design business that will finally give you the perfect combination of freedom, comfort, and stability you are looking for. By working from home, you will have the freedom to get up when you want, work on a laptop outside on beautiful days, take on creative projects, be your own boss, and so much more. Once you start working from home, you will never want to set foot in an office again!

Who is this Ebook for?

Design Business Secrets Exposed was created for people in several stages of their graphic and web design careers, including:

  • Designers looking to transition to working from home full-time running their own business
  • Design business owners interested in expanding their business to new levels
  • Beginners and students just starting their careers as graphic and web designers
  • People interested in freelancing from home part-time for extra income

Get 25% OFF till 21st February 2011

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We highly recommend getting your hands on this book, even if you are a successful designer, there are just some things that go unnoticed throughout the years.


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