Designers, Are You Blogging? You Should Be!

If the answer to the above question is no, then you really should be. Blogging offers you an outlet to vent your angers and frustrations about the graphic design industry, it allows you to interact with other graphic designers plus it can even boost your income. There is seriously hundreds of topics that you can cover ranging anything from web design to business card printing. The sky is the limit.

Now you might be wondering why blogging is so effect for designers? Well here is why:

Blogging helps you get found on Google

Having your name associated with the graphic design industry means that the more you blog about
graphic design and use the keyword associated with your industry, the more you and your blog will appear in the search results, especially if it is a well-viewed and shared blog.

Employment Opportunities

If you are able to be found on Google and rank for a keyword associated with your industry then this means that people searching for design services will also find you when searching for design and may want to use your skills on their next project. Blogging also helps you showcase your latest work and the solutions that you came up with to problems that clients had. This also means that through your blog potential clients can see how you could help them with a design problem they may have or an inquiry.

Keeping up with the latest industry news

Through blogging you will notice that you will also read a lot more material, through other blogs and social media, on your industry to try and keep up with other blogs. This means that you will be more up-to-date with advancements in general so that when it comes to client work, you can offer them the most current design solutions.

Receiving Feedback

If you blog about your latest designs or your thoughts on the industry then you are openly welcoming feedback from the entire design community. So rather than asking close friends who may not be as honest about what they think, you can ask your readers what they think about a certain proposal or idea and gain honest feedback, whether good or bad.

Earn from affiliates and advertising

If you are a consistent blogger who has gained a small following you will most likely be able to offer advertising space on your page to companies who offer services and products related to the graphic design field. You can also sign up to an affiliate program so that you will earn a percentage of what people spend on certain sites if they click on the affiliate link through your website. If your blog becomes really, really well known, then this extra income can really make a difference to your paypacket.

Feature your own designs in posts

You should, where possible feature your own designs in posts, perhaps explaining the design process for that particular design, but then also mention that the design is on sale. This can help you sell some of your design. Alternatively you could showcase a set of designs you have been working on and sell them at a reduced price to people who have found them through your blog.

There are so many great reasons to blog, some of which are mentioned above. Those who blog really do have a presence and an edge in a really competitive industry, so get blogging today!

Louise is from twago, a global online platform where freelancers can find work. She is particularly interested in the freelance industry, especially in regards to graphic design.