Desktop & Mobile Tools For Creative Home Design

In this day and age, no architect or home constructor would consider designing a smart home without their set of power tools. The attempt to cut costs by using paper and pen for design purposes doesn’t have a significant impact on production ROI as compared to the increased productivity from software and mobile tools.

You can use such tools for creative home design, including 2D and 3D designs. They come with a plethora of features to suit the user’s needs. There are even features that can be used by those who are just starting out in home architectural designs and some options have sophisticated features for experienced architects.

The list below features the top desktop and mobile tools for creative home design that are easy to use and understand:


This is a web-based interior design software that’s easy to use. It gives you the option to design your windows, doors, rooms, etc. as well as experimenting with placing products in the room and converting the design into 3D images. The user can drag and drop several shapes onto the grid, and more objects can be placed in this manner and then edited for different shapes and sizes. The software also gives you a wide range of tools for landscaping around the design.

Punch Home & Landscape Design

This software includes multiple features with different viewing options that include final view, aerial, and dollhouse. It also boasts exceptional construction tools, and superb quality. One advantage of using this software is a large object library, and a handful of customization tools make this tool unique. A unique feature is QuickStart Preview, which lets you design a floor plan without making individual walls for a room.

TurboFloorPlan 3D

With this tool, you can visualize a new room with custom cabinets, bath, kitchen, appliances, lightning, and much more. The room design can be spruced up with flooring, light fixes, paint colors, etc. You can also view the pre-existing professionally designed home plan templates as well as 100 videos in the Training Center to boost your skills.

Mobile tools are important too…


This company has a mobile construction application that gives you and anyone on your team access to real time project data from any location. Constantly revising and updating paper-based drawings and documentation is expensive, time consuming, and difficult to manage in an efficient manner. With this app, you can keep your projects moving forward and have all the data at your fingertips. Its drawing management feature automatically splits your drawing sets and enables you to annotate drawings directly from a smartphone or tablet.

Home Design 3D

This app lets you add 3D renderings to a visual home, and then fill it up with design elements. The user can even add texture to the color to make it appear as a wallpaper. Home Design 3D also has options to add hardwood or carpeting or tiled flooring, and fill the room with accessories and furniture.


Houzz’s mobile app lets you share design ideas with teammates and professionals, as well as save them to a virtual design ideabook. You can also use the app to find more design ideas and shop a variety of accessories and furniture to go along with the design.

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