Divi 2.0 from ElegantThemes.com has just been launched! Win a developer subscription

ElegantThemes.com is one of the veterans of the WordPress themes market, and one of the best choices for a great quality vs. price choice. With over 200 thousand pleased customers, it offers bundles such as the one for $69 and 87 themes which can be used multiple times on more than one domain.


The latest theme from Elegant Themes is known as Divi, and it has been three months in the making, a period during which it created a lot of anticipation. Apparently the greatest theme develeped so far by them, it promised great flexibility and a lot of innovative features, which at the beginning of the year turned to reality.


Five months later and we have our hands on a new version already, Divi 2.0, with even more perks to add up to the new site building experience. Divi’s ambition is to change the way site building works forever. It may not be the first to throw itself at it, but by the looks of it, it surely has what it takes to succeed. It’s completely code free, something which WordPress users have been waiting for since the WordPress release, and it turns the dashboard into a virtual construction site. Every part of the site is like a brick, and can be customize in an infinity of ways. This, of course, leads to limitless flexibility, enabling the user to create any sort of website, from blogs to e-stores.


Divi 2.0 offers extra stylization in the form of a modified header, new navigation concepts and more layout options.


The Giveaway

If you would like to try it out, use the script below, and we will make sure to handpick three winners at the end of the campaign. The subscription is priced at $89 for one year. We wish you the best of luck!

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