Don’t Cut Corners, Get Die Cut Business Cards

Look, when it comes to making a first impression, your business card is key. You can’t afford not to leave your client saying “wow!” This is where custom effects come in. This means embossing and foil stamping, great color, and great design. While those effects are pretty cool, the best custom effect you can give your business card is Die Cutting. Die cutting is the method of actually cutting the shape of your business card into different shapes to step outside the box and set yourself apart from the crowd.

The fact is, die cutting can be pretty pricy. You have to pay for the cutting – and usually the design of a custom die too! The solution?! PFL has a large bank of custom Die Cut Business Card dies that you can use for your project – totally free! These dies come in all shapes and sizes, and will give your card that extra pizzazz without the extra cost.

Another reason to check out PFL is their printing is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t like it, simply return in for a full refund! Why not check out PFL for your next business card project?

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