Facebook Redesign: 10 Different Layout Design Possibilities

Facebook recently introduced Timeline, their new way to layout profiles for every user on Facebook. Even though it hasn’t totally gone public yet, a lot of people already have access to it through the developer side of things. One thing I have noticed though with the users on Facebook is that they despise change. Why change something that is already working. I think if Facebook keeps changing their layouts and profiles they might lose a few people, but I don’t think they’ll even notice due to hitting the 800 million user mark of late.

That is a lot of people….sheesh. Anyway, we aren’t here to discuss statistics. I have rounded up 10 different designs by different web designers in which they portray their seeing of the Facebook layout. Some of the designs could have actually worked and I would prefer some to the current design, but you can’t please everyone can you?

Let’s see what the designers came up with and which ones you like.

Current Facebook Layout

10 Different Design Impressions

Artist: Czarny-Design

Artist: Sencer Bugrahan

Artist: AndasoloARTS

Artist: Linds37

Artist: Daryl Ginn

Artist: Jonaska

Artist: Crazypunisher

Artist: Hellclanner

Artist: AndasoloARTS

Artist: Crazypunisher


As you can see there is definitely a possibility for a lot of change in the future. Its always nice seeing how other view a scenario and then compare it to the real one. I hope you enjoyed the different layouts. Which one was your favorite?

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