FamousLogos.Net: The World’s Largest Resource Site for Famous Company Logos

We all know that an effective logo is very important to a business. It represents the corporate image of a company, and with proper marketing strategies, helps establish a brand in the market. Logos like Nike, Coca-Cola, Target, Apple, IBM and FedEx have revolutionized the planet with their groundbreaking designs that, despite being simple, are visually appealing and communicate effectively with their intended audience. These logos have been regarded as revolutionary masterpieces in the history of graphic design and advertising.


Yesterday, we stumbled upon this rather huge database of Famous Logos which is quite possibly the world’s largest website regarding details and history of almost every world-famous corporate identity. It contains comprehensive articles that explain the design elements of popular company logos from almost every industry imaginable, including automotive, superhero, music, fashion, food, sports, technology, and so on. It is a pretty interesting and informative free resource for starters and experts alike.

There is a list of corporate logos on the left side, and when you click a specific link, you’re provided with a detailed and high-quality write-up that discusses the design history, brand evolution, as well as the factors contributing to its success.


The website also features a logo design blog that publishes the latest news and trends in graphic design, recommendations of good design books, and logo design inspiration ideas.

Check it out and share your opinions!

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