Favorite Articles of the Week #1

Yes, this is a new series post that I’m starting up. It will basically highlight my favorite posts of the week in the design industry, seeing that we are running a design blog here. I think. So let’s get to it and spare all the nitty gritty stuff.

Here you will find our favorite articles of the week posted in and around the community. We won’t be highlighting ten thousand articles, only the ones that caught our eye and is worthy of a mention. We hope that you find some posts here that you have missed and enjoy catching up on some reading to finish off the weekend. Let’s see what this week had in store for all of us.

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Vintage Typography Experiment in Illustrator and Photoshop

I haven’t bombarded you with information as this is the first post in this series and hopefully you will enjoy the content that I have selected to feature every Sunday in the series. Have a great week ahead.

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