Five Great iPhone 5 Infographics

The world’s favorite smartphone is mere months away from the release of its latest iteration, to be dubbed “iPhone 5,” and we have some cool, informative infographics to bring you the very latest rumors and gossip.

Whether you’re looking for hard information on iPhone 5 technical details, data on Apple fanboys and fangirls or just fun speculation, these infographics have everything you need to get into the upgrading mood!

1. iPhone 5 and Who’s Most Likely to Upgrade

Taking an elaborate approach to research conducted with more than 1,000 over-18 iPhone users, this infographic breaks down the groups most likely to be waiting in line on the day the iPhone 5 is launched. While the final consensus is that 18-34 year old users are the most likely to upgrade, this huge infographic offers much in the way of information regarding the way people, Americans in particular, use their iPhone.

2. The Complete iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

With no official announcement regarding the next iPhone since the release of the 4S, rumors have been piling up for almost a year now regarding what exactly the iPhone 5 will bring to the table that its younger siblings did not. Given the iPhone’s extreme popularity, those rumors are many; allow this infographic to help you keep track of them until more official details emerge.

3. The iPhone Evolution

Apple has taken its smartphone endeavors a long way since the release of the original iPhone sent them soaring and this infographic works to outline the changes and upgrades that have been made on the path to the much-anticipated iPhone 5. Ranging from data on technical aspects like connectivity options and processor speed to feature and functionality comparisons such as that of cameras and available apps at time of launch, you will not find a better comparative look at the members of the iPhone family.

4. The Future of the iPhone 5: An Artistic Approach

This beautifully designed infographic conveys its information in high style, giving us an overview of the potentiality of seeing the features wanted by the masses in the iPhone 5. While it appears the probability percentages offered by the designer for its possible features are based on educated speculation as opposed to hard facts, the information presented is as correct as any rumor can be, and you simply can’t beat this infographic’s aged look and feel!

5. iPhone 5: A Road Map of Rumors

Beginning its path with the launch of the iPhone 4 and moving forward from there, this infographic aims to put all of the iPhone 5 rumors we’ve been hearing for the past year into chronological order, helping the average viewer to make better sense of what is and what isn’t likely to be on-board Apple’s newest smartphone.

Following the path outlined by this road map takes you on a journey through rumors created by everyone from the most random of technology websites to Apple’s partners and manufacturers themselves, allowing you to better understand not only the process behind the design of a new smartphone but also just how much Apple thrives on rampant speculation!

All in all, while the rumors may be entirely baseless and these infographics may present more in the way of fun than hard data, the lead-up to the release of the long-awaited iPhone 5 presents an opportunity for all fans of Apple products to get in on the fun of speculation and these infographics are sure to keep that speculation burning hot!

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