Five of Marvel’s Best Modern Merchandise

While Stan Lee continues to remaster his iconic Marvel Comic franchise through the remakes of some of our favorite superhero movies, super fans around the world will continue to buy into not only the movies, but the surrounding merchandise that comes with them.

Surely Lee will be having the last laugh when it comes to raking in the big bucks from merchandising deals; from lunch boxes to hotel rooms, studies have shown that Lee has racked up as much as $6 billion a year in Marvel paraphernalia. But as times and tastes change, what was the humble pencil case now becomes the latest app or gaming design. Here’s a look at some of the best.

Online casinos

Marvel Comics aren’t just for kids – they’re having a big impact on adults too, with gamblers over the age of 21 playing a huge range of themed games including games like Marvel Roulette. While the traditional roulette wheel remains, what better betting back up could you hope for than the likes of The Hulk, Spiderman and Iron Man?

Slot machines

While the online world may be benefiting from Marvel’s iconic super hero design, so too are casinos, with slot machines around the globe featuring some of our favorites including X Men, making that tantalizing rush even more tempting as you rack up three Wolverines in a row.

App comics

Why go to the toil of destroying the planet when you could read comic books on your smart phone? The Marvel Comics app has access to more than 3,500 comics which you can read on the go, from super heroes to flesh eating zombies. The best part, of course, is that nobody will judge you for reading comics in public past the age of 18.

Phone covers

If you want to wear your Marvel addiction loud and proud, why not invest in a smart phone cover to show off your best loved super heroes? With no nonsense images of The Hulk gracing the back of your iPhone, nobody will dare to make you angry.

The Interactive Marvel API Program

In January of this year, Marvel announced the launch of its API Program, giving developers access to comic data for personal use on websites and apps. Perfect for all the budding game developers out there, this is a step further than just playing a Marvel app – you can create your own and make your website look as eye catching and colorful as some of Stan Lee’s most memorable designs.

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