Friday Feature: Giles Dawe Traditional Artist

Giles Dawe born 1977 in Bristol, England, lives and paints full time in a small city called Zhuhai in China, a city that inspires his works on canvas and wood. Previously he studied Fine Art in England, Wales and France and then moved to Hong Kong and China since 2003. As an artist, he has taken part in the UK Biennale, won an Erasmus art scholarship and recent work has been purchased by HK Art Director Wang Jia Wei.

You can find out more about the Hong Kong artist Giles Dawe here.

The Asia Art Scene

I’ve only lived in Hong Kong and China so I couldn’t really comment on the rest of Asia, but found living in HK actually affected my creativity. It’s a place well known for it’s skyscrapers, business transactions and shopping but artistically it’s a bit flat. Art events are quite rare (although there will be an upcoming ARTHK ArtFair in May 2010) and it’s not often artists are showcased around the city. There are numerous art galleries, but I found it frustrating to promote my work as many limited themselves to mainland or Vietnamese artworks only.

The region where I live in China is full of talented full time artists, but they make their living from making duplicate copies of famous paintings – sometimes mass copies at time which are then shipped around the world!

Artists to look out for

If you are into China based artists I’d recommend checking out: Simon Birch, Chen Yong Liang, Liu Hong Yuan and Zhou Jin Hua.

Giles Dawe’s Work

I paint on wood and canvas using oils. I find canvas can be a bit more forgiving where mistakes can be removed and cover whilst with wood, each mark stays on the picture. My work is quite detailed as I use brushes ranging from 0/2 to 1 sizes, so for example the recent 150x100cm Invisible Woman piece took about 2 months to finish.

My style of painting is quite realistic, although I want my work to have a surreal type “edge” otherwise I could just be painting similar to a photograph. The Invisible Woman piece contains a hidden image of a woman laying down, it’s difficult to spot but I saw this image straight away whilst staring at the formation of rocks near the Zhuhai Ferry Port. The large rock in the background looked like a knee jutting out whilst the face and body shape was made from smaller rocks.

Anyway, it’s not my place to describe what is happening in my paintings, so I leave it upto you the viewer to discover my work…

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