Getresponse – The Easiest Email Marketing Software on the Market

I had a look at GetReponse right when I started out setting up my first email newsletters, at the time it wasn’t a sound fit for me, but I decided to have a look at GetResponse one more time to see whether things have changed.

It’s important to understand that I love functionality and beautiful design combined. They have to work together without lacking any usability on the user end. I’ve heard some good things of GetResponse in the past few months and that some bigger companies were moving their lists over, so it sparked my interest.

The first thing I noticed, was that they were offering a 30 day free trial for you to test the software. This makes it clear that the company believes in their product and that they would support it for free, no risk involved on your end.

So I signed up…

Functionality is great

One of the first things I’ve noticed since trying out GetResponse way back when, was that their interface is so easy to navigate and understand. Not only do they provide me with helpful guides pointing the way for my first time use, but the general getting around navigation is super easy. Sections are clearly marked and accessible. You don’t really get lost like you do in other service provider interfaces.


Took me 3 minutes

It literally took my 3 minutes to setup a new list, import some contacts and start setting up my first campaign. I didn’t have to look for tools or pages to help facilitate the process, they were all directed my way, if I could put it that way. Their importing functions work well and looks solid.


Guided Training

From the start, they offer you to attend their live training daily webinar where they will teach you tactics of growing your list from 0-100,000. It’s offered on a daily basis and looks super helpful for people just starting out with newsletters.


Auto Responders are easy

Often times auto responder setups can take time and needs you to sit down and think of the dripping time frames. In this case, GetResponse made it super easy to setup your auto responders. It’s a beautiful interface that guides you through the process, spelling out all the details until the setup is complete.


Survey integration

It’s not often that you find survey tools integrated with your email marketing, even though surveys are an important part of any business’s long term growth. GetResponse has done a beautiful job of integrating surveys with their software, you can create your surveys right in your dashboard and send it to whom ever subscribes to a certain link you publish. It beats having to sign up for extra survey software!


Easy subscription form creation tools

I gotta say, everything about GetResponse to me spells, “easy.” Getting into an often times complicated creation process of producing signup forms have been done neutralized due to the software’s easy creation tools and guided cues.


You have the ability to choose from over 200 pre-designed form templates, or to start from scratch using their beautifully structured form creator. It really works like a charm.


New Landing Page Integration

Say what? Yes, that’s right. GetResponse has introduced landing pages into their suite of tools available to you. It’s amazing to see that an email company takes intuitive to bring together different tools to make a completed package that can serve millions. Even though the landing page creator is still in beta, it serves as a powerful tool to capture new leads for your business.


You get to choose from a lot of pre-designed templates readily available to you to setup your landing page, it’s really simple to create something that could take you a lot of time usually.


What Neil Patel has to say about GetResponse

For those of you who don’t know Neil Patel, he is an authority figure in the world of online marketing, having built two successful companies, Crazy Egg and KiSSmetrics and blogging about his progress at QuickSprout, let’s hear what he has to say about GetResponse.

My overall view of GetResponse

I gotta say, after playing around with the software, doing different tests and tasks, I love it. It’s simple, elegantly designed, fast and responsive. The pricing plans look great for what you get. Just testing out the software has convinced me to make the switch to GetResponse. Will you be doing the same?

Jacques is an Entrepreneur and Founder of the An1ken Group. He recently launched a daily vlog on Youtube — JacquesvhTV. He started Creativeoverflow in 2009 as a hub for creatives. Connect with him: - @Jacquesvh - Facebook - Instagram - Pinterest