Giveaway: 2 Years Full Premium EWC Presenter Subscription valued at $495

In today’s giveaway we have partnered with EasyWebContent to give one lucky reader a 2 years subscription to the Full premium package of EWC Presenter valued at a whopping $495. Sounds great…but what is EWC Presenter? A quick run down will be that it’s one of the coolest presentation software creators available on the market today. With quality and ease of use being high on the list of things the EasyWebContent team set out to accomplish with this product. We know that you probably won’t be reading this far as your excitement levels are running high about the prize we are giving away and you just want to enter, but you need to remember to please complete the steps set out for you to successfully enter the giveaway.

Without further ado though, let’s take a look at the product and then get down to business and get you entered to stand a chance of winning the prize…


About Presenter:

EWC Presenter (a new App by Easy WebContent) is the premier All-In-One Platform to create professional graphics and interactive content that display on any device or platform. It’s a perfect marriage of Flash and Powerpoint into one easy to use HTML5 based Application that generates universally friendly content.


It’s one App for all your content needs, EWC Presenter aims to replace the numerous applications content creators use with just one application. Everything from Advertisements and banners, along with website landing pages, web and mobile animation, presentations, infographics, and mock-ups, can all be created using just Presenter.


EWC Presenter is the only fully HTML5-based application designed to offer users a variety of features that are fit for both novice and experienced designers, including:

  1. Templates for HTML5-based presentations, infographics, product demos and banner ads
  2. Drag and drop photos, videos, shapes, icons, audio and other rich media content directly onto the canvas and customize them
  3. Animation tools for making presentations and infographics interactive and engaging
  4. Special effects for adding drop shadows and reflections to image, text and other content.
  5. Publishing and embedding tools that allow creations to be viewed by anyone on any browser or device without special plugins as opposed to traditional tools that rely on flash.

The Prize

One luck reader will be winning a 2 year subscription to the Full Premium EWC Presenter valued at $495. That’s quite a prize.

How to Win

Step 1: Visit the site and sign-up for a free account. It takes just seconds.
Step 2: Take Presenter for a test Drive. Leave a comment below about what features you like most about Presenter OR What you want to see improved on Presenter.
Step 3: Retweet this article or Share this Post on Facebook: “Awesome #Giveaway! I entered to win 2 years of EWC Presenter Premium on @creativeofblog with @easywebcontent –”
Step 4: (Optional) Publish a project and post a link in the Comments below. Cool designs will get you bonus points!


This giveaway will be starting today and ending on Thursday 18 July 2013. Please adhere to steps needed to successfully enter the giveaway so that there isn’t any disappointment when the results are in and ready to be announced. Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway and remember to check out EWC Presenter.

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