How To Block a Freshly Printed Poster

We will be doing something different today, all the tutorials that we usually see and read is digitally based. I have decided I am going to do a tutorial on How to Block a Freshly Printed Poster. I will walk you through the steps in a easy understandable way so that when your done you will be able to do it yourself. Let’s not waste time and get straight to the tutorial.

Final Preview:



  • Black Paint
  • Soft Roller Brush x 2
  • Hanging Hooks
  • Wallpaper Paste
  • 16mm Wood Board Cut to 1189 x 841 MM
  • A0(1189 x 841mm) Printed Poster
Step_1 Step_1_1

Step 1:

Make sure that you have all the above required items with you and that you have a nice clean working space. Firstly take the Wood board and place it on a nice flat surface. I used a table that is smaller than the board so that the edges overhang. The more the edges overhand the easier it is for you to paint the edges without the fear of painting your table. You can see my little overhanging setup below.


Whilst the boards are clear be sure to use your Hanging Hooks and screw them in on a level height. Once your done with the hooks be sure to flip the board around and please make sure which is the top end and bottom end.


Step 2:

Now grab your black paint and your soft roller brush and throw out your paint in either a paint holder or a lid of a big paint bucket. I used a lid in this case and it worked perfectly. After I have thrown out my paint in the lid I am sure to roll my roller through the paint smoothly and not pressurizing the roller into the paint. Start painting your edges of the wooden board, depending on the paint you have you might have to give it another coat or two. I used two coats of black paint on the edges. The reason for painting the edges is to make the poster stand out better in the end. Check out the images below. Make sure your paint it dry before moving on to the next step.

Step_1_3 Step_1_4

Step 3:

Now that the paint has dried its time for us to mix the Wallpaper Paste. Follow the Directions on the packet of the Wallpaper paste that you bought and mix the ingredients together. Stir the solution till it forms a pretty thick paste. When its starts getting tacky you know that you have mixed the paste correctly. It should look something like this below.


Now that you have your paste ready, grab your second Roller brush and dip it into the solution that you have. Paint the entire top of the wooden board and make sure that you cover all the sides and corners for maximum effectiveness. Be sure to have your poster handy when you have finished rolling out the paste on the board.


Step 4:

Now that your board is wet from all the paste you just painted on. Lay your poster down on it, start from the top and work your way down with a towel or a soft cloth and firmly run out all the bubbles that it forms because of the posters reaction to wet paste. It could take some time, but you will get it eventually. Here are some pictures of how the progress with Smoking Tiger went.

step_4_1 step_4_2 step_4_3

Step 5:

Now you have layed down most of the poster and you just have a few bubbles to sort out. Don’t worry about small bubbles in the middle they will get pulled down as the paste dries and you will be left bubble less. Smooth out the poster with your cloth or towel and go around the sides and edges to make sure that all of them are down and stuck. Now leave the poster to dry for about 12 hours to make sure its dry, dry. There you have your own Blocked poster ready to decorate a room.




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