How to Create Stunning Pictures with Light

Imagination is the key to achieving recognition. Some people have the knack of letting their imagination ‘run wild’ and are able to seize the perfect idea that will catapult them to recognition, while others have an idea or concept ‘just pop into their heads’.

With the technology available today the only limiting factor is imagination. Lets have a look at just one small piece of technology, photography and lighting.

Photography has evolved from the man in the top hat under a black cloth with his camera to Polaroid cameras, now digital cameras. Until recently a photographer needed to have a room full of expensive equipment to achieve the proper lighting for commercial pictures.

Pictures with any type of addition, such as a phrase, needed to be graphically enhanced with expensive software and a great degree of graphics knowledge. Today it is easily accomplished on your phone!

The newest innovation for pictures today is called ‘light painting’. All that is needed is a camera with an adjustable stop, and a light source. The length of exposure allows one to ‘paint’ with a light source.

The basics for light painting are a stable setting for the camera, such as a tripod, or bracing the camera on a table. Since it is imperative that the camera does not move, a shutter release cable or self-timer is needed.

The light source can be anything from a flashlight to a sparkler, and anything in between. The picture below was taken using a sparkler.

There are other types of light painting, such as taking pictures in darkened areas, or to enhance a portion of the picture with special lighting. Led light bulbs are a good source for this type of photography. Led light bulbs can supply superior bright light, or ‘mood’ lighting with a soft glow of a particular hue. Photographers- replace standard bulbs with led light bulbs to enhance your pictures!

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Article Written by: Rob Lobitz

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