How to Find the Perfect Collaborator for Graphic Designers

Many graphic designers are lone wolves, preferring to manage entire projects themselves in order to retain creative control. However, sometimes large-scale projects or an overflow of incoming work makes collaboration an enticing prospect. Selecting the perfect collaborator is crucial to an outstanding project; choosing the wrong collaborator is internal sabotage. The following details how you can find the perfect collaborator for your project.

Define the collaborator’s role

First and foremost, you must define precisely what your collaborator will be responsible for, and what parts of the project they won’t be responsible for. Setting the parameters from the onset helps protect against potential issues such as creative control later. Your collaborator might be responsible for wireframing, illustration, coloring, code development, copywriting, or finding the best printing services, for example. Always make sure it is understood that you have the final say in all creative decisions. In addition, always clearly define payment before you start.

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Seek experts and collaboration experience

Once you have established what it is your collaborator will do, seek experts in that specific field. If you need illustrator, find someone who only does illustrations. If you need an online printing service for your brochures, seek a company with a great track record for working with customers to achieve the perfect printed piece. It’s not necessary that your collaborator have experience working with others, but if they do, it can be a plus.

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Sharing the big picture

It’s also important that your collaborator shares your big picture vision for the project. When your collaborator can see and understand what the end goal is, they can contribute in a more meaningful way. In this respect, you want someone who thinks like you. Thus, instead of having hang-ups over whether a certain postcard design aspect looks better than another, you can both agree on which will yield the best return on investment.

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Fill voids with collaboration

While your collaborator should share your vision, it’s also a good idea to bring someone on board who can fill voids not only in your creative process, but also in your design and marketing philosophy. A copywriter might have a new and better take on your design layout and how it relates to customer response, for example, and it can pay huge dividends to respect such advice. A printing company might want to steer you toward a different paper size in order to help you save on your initial investment and increase ROI.

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Collaborators for graphic designers can help you expand your services and take on more projects, resulting in greater profits for your business. Use these tips to help you select the perfect collaborator, and you will reap the rewards.

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