How to Make a Killer Presentation

Very few people actually enjoy public speaking. At best it is nerve wracking; at worst you feel like a bug under a microscope with a million eyes staring at you. Anxiety comes with the territory when giving presentations, but there are ways to beat your nerves.

Practice makes perfect and you should find that the more presentations you have to give, the easier they become. However, if you want your presentations to be memorable for all the right reasons, here are a few tips to ensure your next one is a killer.

Be Prepared

There is nothing worse than arriving at the venue five minutes before your presentation begins, and then spending the next thirty minutes preparing the equipment while your audience is left waiting. Always allow plenty of time to prepare for a presentation, especially if you need to set up a projector or other equipment.

Make Eye Contact with the Audience

Standing at the front of the room, staring at a piece of paper and mumbling a lot is not going to endear you to your audience. Instead, speak with confidence and project your voice into the audience, making eye contact with everyone in the room at least once. People will trust you more if you talk directly to them – avoiding eye contact makes you look shifty.

Death by PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations are very popular, but the slides should be a visual aid rather than the entire presentation. Too many slides with too much information on them will cause your audience to switch off completely.

Tell Stories

Reciting facts and figures for an hour is extremely boring. A presentation needs to be entertaining to keep an audience engaged. By all means included facts and figures, but try and present them in an interesting way. Use stories and anecdotes to keep the audience amused – they are more likely to pay attention.

Have a Sense of Humour

Amusing presentations with some humour thrown in are more memorable. If you can make your audience smile, great, but if you can make them laugh out loud, even better.

Show Some Passion

Be passionate about your subject. Don’t just read from a sheet of paper. This implies you don’t know the subject matter very well, which indicates you don’t care very much about it. You want the audience to care about what you are saying, but they won’t care one jot unless you make them feel an emotional connection.

Project Confidence

Try and act confident, even if you don’t feel confident. If you appear nervous, everyone in the room will feel deeply uncomfortable on your behalf.

Give Handouts

Prepare handouts for the audience so they can take the most important information away with them. Buy stylish presentation folders from Include a business card and other useful marketing materials if you want to make it easier for interested individuals to contact you after the event.

Presentations are something you can’t avoid, so plan ahead, practice at every opportunity, and make every one of them count.

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