How to Perfectly Use Anchor Texts without making them Look Spammy

While anchor text is vital when it comes to search engine rankings of your site, knowing how to distribute them can be a great idea. For quite some time, we have seen links containing exact match anchor texts. However, the system used to acquire this kind of links as spammy and infringes on Google’s guidelines. While this is the case, there are of course those links that aren’t bad at all and you can learn more about this type here:

Anchor texts play a critical role in search engines; however, sentiments and suspicion continue to fill the air regarding their current degraded significance. Unlike in the past when external links containing anchor text exact match were considered effective, this isn’t the case at present.

The most disappointing part of SEO is regarding links with too many anchor texts as vital only to discover that they could also be a strong sign of spamming. It is good to understand that although there are various ways to manipulate your links to relate to your anchor texts, these anchor texts are often subject to manipulation as well. This being the case, it is also good to note that you can as well create anchor texts containing numerous links without necessarily making them spammy on your site.

The most important point to note here is that since you have opted to go the anchor text way, it is important to keep track of your links’ source. In any case, you should be able to take control of your links if being on the safe side of Google is your main objective. As such, you will need to ensure that most of your links are derived from highly ranked sites – sites with a good reputation.

For those SEO experts who know what online marketing entail and how individuals regard their merchandise, there is a need for you to involve yourselves with the design, brand, and the product manufacturers in order to determine how people look at your services or products before taking them to the marketplace. Many a time, people try manipulating anchor texts using unfair means (certain kind of JavaScript). While this may look successful, chances are that Google won’t hesitate to banish you from the business once your cynical motives are discovered.

Since you know how powerful anchor text can be, you could do with just a small amount of your links (10 percent or less) to nudge and gain links with keyword-rich anchor texts. This is very important for your visitors in that it describes what is contained in your page. Above all, it allows search engines to easily find and rate the correct stuff. You only need to tread carefully and everything will go in your favor.

Given that Google is strictly looking for spammers, it is important for anyone wishing to enjoy the benefits of anchor texts adheres to the set guidelines. At, we have come up with a system to enable you to identify the right links from the many authoritative sites.

Finding such links is paramount for any successful online marketing business. With the kind of expertise we have, you can rest assured that what you get as links, so long as you follow the right channel, will have a positive impact on your business.

Bottom line: That said and done, the ball is now in your court and your success will depend on how you play it. It doesn’t matter the kind of site you want to build; making the right link choice is key. We have the details on how you can go about it and get started, you only need clicking on the above link.