How to Use Icons to Spice Up your Web Designs

It’s a long and tedious process to select the proper web icons to spice up the website or application. But there is always a way to make it quicker and more effectively. We will guide you through this quick way below:

Catching logos and web icons are leaders among important design elements of the modern websites. Effective icons serve as indicators, separators and represents the goods and services you offer. They call to action and clearly state what area the company has to do with. But at the same time they never resemble the icons of the similar websites, looking to dull or standard. This enhances recognizability of your corporate or personal style. Thus, efficiently selected web icons give a boost to your project promotion.

There are some secrets of efficient usage of web icons we’d like to reveal. Using the tips below will help you to improve websites usability and beautify the pages.

Web icons should look exclusively but match your website style

Uniqueness is especially important for the start-up design. You should give zest to the general layout of your mock-up with the help of small smart elements. Unique icons, logos and buttons are those small but effective keys of making your website recognizable.
Observe designs of your competitors websites but try to avoid simple copying of their styles and ideas. Experienced web surfers will notice the imitation without any effort and you will loose reputation forever. Just analyze the way their icons attract the visitors attention. The new brand requires new exclusive image and it should be unique. Avoid obvious borrowing of other brand images but point out the features that make your goodies special. That’s the cornerstone of any project success.

Analyze the recent trends in web icons design

Web 2.0 is one of the most beloved styles used in web icons design nowadays. It imparts the website clean and professional look, keys up the customers trust to your company and the services it offers. Business web icons are the most commonly used ones but your should find a way to make them look unique.
The other popular styles used today are vintage icons, rounded corners or just round icons, hand-drawn or handmade icons, icons in the form of stars and hearts, wooden icons, woolen or jeans icons, glass icons, grunge and trash icons style etc.
While deciding what icons to choose, e.g. vintage, grunge or clear business icons, you should consider your website concept and general style.

Make web icons simple but informative

Web icons should help to arrange the clear structure of the website, divide the content into the essential blocks and represent the company products. Don’t overload the page with many bright icons but let it breathe. It’s better emphasize a couple of nice informative icons.
Try to make it as simple as possible. Simplicity makes the page look not dull but specific and clear. It works better than the messed up complex layout that only seems beautiful. So be careful not to fall for this trick. Besides, getting rid of unnecessary details helps to build better hierarchy.
Here are some keys of effective simplicity:

  • -readable fonts (Verdana recommended)
  • -simple lines
  • -nice arrangement
  • -enough blank space
  • -funky color scheme

Design is all in details and if you want to survive in today’s violent web competition you should take their importance into consideration. It’s also a bonus to make sure you choose a great web host reseller. Hoping that our tips will help you to spice up your web designs with the proper icons.

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