IconsPedia – Your Source for Free Icons

We are always searching for icons to use in our projects or apps, you end up taking all day to find the perfect icon, but resort to another in the end; was it worth wasting so much time? IconsPedia is the solution, it’s your haven for free icons, ranging from application icons to social icons. If you are looking for the perfect icon or icon pack, they will have it in high quality. Let’s look at some of the features of IconsPedia.

About IconsPedia

IconsPedia was launched in 2007 and has drawn in some pretty great contributors since then, the quality of their icons are amazing and its all free. Sure some icons might fall under different licensing sections, but the majority of the sets are free for use with your projects. IconsPedia has become pretty popular in a lot of designers eyes as it gives them access to high quality, free icons, they have built up a nice following through RSS, TWITTER and FACEBOOK. Be sure to subscribe to them.

Searching with Categories

One of the great features they have when going through their icons are the category feature. You are able to distinguish exactly what type of icons you need without going through thousands of them in a mixed lot. The category feature also gives you the option of sorting the icons by the number of downloads, alphabetically, by latest submissions or ratings by the viewers. The icons are easily viewed with their large or small previews and this makes it a breeze when going through quite a few icon pages.

Searching by License Types

This handy feature makes sure that you will be downloading a icon pack with your desired license type. If you are looking for icons to use in your commercial projects, you can make use of the license search feature to make sure that you are searching for the correct icons. Finding usable icons has never been this easy.

Great Homepage Layout

IconsPedia has a great layout when it comes to their site. Their new and improved layout makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for. It lists the latest, most downloaded, top rated and featured icons in a box upon entry of the website. Thus making it a breeze to find those icons that no one has used in their projects.

Join the Community, become a member

Another great feature about IconsPedia is that you can join the community and participate, whilst joining on a free account has its benefits, joining on a premium account is so much more worth it. It will only cost you $11.97 for 12 months, is that cheap or what? You can’t even have a decent meal for that price? Time to signup and get with the program people

The point is that if you haven’t checked out IconsPedia, you have been missing out. Get over there now and make sure to subscribe and follow them.

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