IM-Creator or How to Create Your own Website Even if You’re a Beginner in 3 Steps

I’m pretty sure that most of the people that would like to created their own website get put off by the effort and programming skills they imagine this operation entails. And when they take into consideration the time and financial resources they believe this implies, some very great site ideas are put aside and never get to see the light of pixels.

The perspective of being able to build a site even without a background in coding is pretty much enticing for any Internet users, especially to freelancers who want to showcase their products and services say musicians, models, consultants or even law practitioners. IM-Creator looks like a totally intuitive and smooth, not to mention fun, tool that can help them reach that goal. Let me introduce it to you!

First of all, the tool developers advertise it as being a new and simpler way of creating a website, based on a three-step plan: choose a design, insert your content and publish it to the world. Let’s break these steps and analyze them one by one.

Step 1 – Choose a design

Once you get to the web address and press the ‘Start now’ button, you’ll be introduced to the first three options the IM-Creator Website Builder Application presents you with: if you’re a beginner, you can choose a template, then moving on to the features that enable you to use a blank page or an existing one which you can modify according to your needs, if you’re a more advanced designer.

If you go onward with the first option, you’ll be presented with over 50 templates, grouped in 13 categories, according to the layout needs different areas of work might have, like mobile sites, photographer, bio/resume, musician, consultant etc. If you’re a designer with advanced skills, you should know that you’re invited to submit your designs the ever growing catalog, and receive an income every time your work is used by the tool’s clients.

Step 2 – Edit your chosen template

You can start the customizing part by introducing your content, which should be fairly easy with the help of the different features of the site. Once such feature is the support line, the use of which puts you in contact with a member of the IM-Creator support team for any tool enquiries you might have. To make sure you get the best for your new website, you should also check the back-ground color, SEO or favicon settings.

Step 3 – Publish it

When you’re satisfied with the result, you just need to push the ‘Publish’ button and your new website will be out there, for everyone to see. You can host it on your domain, get a URL and unlimited hosting for free by hitting the ‘Like’ button, or you can go for the paid version which grants access to another slew of premium options.

After this simple and enjoyable experience, everyone can agree that website creating is an easier and more attainable goal thanks to a tool like IM-Creator.

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