Inspiration: MTV Hidden World

All of us know what MTV is all about and we can definitely say its one of our favorite music channels. MTV is also known for their branding, which is different and unique from any other TV related shows in the world. I have come across some branding The-Gild has done for MTV and wanted to share it with you. Check it out.

A projects for MTV look book S/S10
Commissioned by The-Gild and MTV,
The Gild came up with a theme “Wonderland” for these MTV look book with sub 4 themes created by different Artists. My one is called “Hidden World” – It’s all about looking at things closer and more into details. I got to draw 10 – 15 individual images / elements that work on it’s own as Badges and I have to use only those element to create 5 illustrations / 4 borders and 4 patterns for each collection. So basically, It’s like putting up a big jigsaws and try to make it work. I like the ideas and think the concept are interesting. Definitely good times working on it and I’m happy with the result.

note* the images with T’s are just the mock up I made it myself to suggest where the position should be (only for presentation)
Check it out on Behance

Pretty neat ain’t it? Check it out on Behance

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