Interview with Digital Artist Kode Logic

Today we have someone special lined up for you guys, its a Digital Artist all the way from Melbourne Australia, he is known for his out of the box exciting designs and has made a mark in the digital world over the last while. Let’s not wait to long and get to it, introducing Kode Logic.

Artist: Kode Logic
Identity: BossLogic
Prints: Bosslogic Prints

1. Welcome to Creativeoverflow, please introduce yourself. Could you tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the field?

I am a designer from the heart of Melbourne Australia. My real name is Kode, you say it like code not kody. I have been designing for a little over 5 years now, my love of the art of drawing got me failing school, but leading to my new found home in art. People always miss read my design name for something argent,Bosslogic was made from Boss being your life you run it, and if we think in logic we can’t think wrong, so Bosslogic ultimately means you run your life the right way.

2. What was your first experience with Photoshop? And tell us how you have evolved as an artist since then, what lessons have you learned that stuck with you all these years?

Well truth be told i got in to photoshop to make things that make me laugh like swapping heads and things like that but then i started transferring my skills of drawing and concept in to it and now i am at this stage, its been a long road, but i am still only at the beginning of it.

3. Have you studied yet? If so where?

Money wasn’t to good growing up , so i had to drop out of school and work, cause of the money i wasn’t doing to good anyway, but that is what led me to art sketching anything i see.

4. From Illustration to photo manipulation, how do you manage to blend so many different styles together into one consistent whole?

People call it my style, but I do not like to think i have a style due to art has no set face so it is always ever changing so i want to change with it, though these past couple of years i have been making art that means something to me visual storytelling you may say. I mix my art with me writing to get a stronger more raw feeling out of my works so ill be doing this style for a while.

5. What is the most important lesson you have learned since you started designing?

Exactly what my grand father told me, Do not ever think you are great at what you do, because the hunger to get better will forever disappear that and always save ever major step in a design project.

6. Have you ever contemplated on what you would be doing if you didn’t become a Designer?

It was art or nothing, i draw, i write and photograph, I paint why do something you don’t love?

7. What can we look for from you in the future? What projects will you be working on?

I am aiming high so God willing i will reach these goals and i am venturing in the world of cg digital painting, but you wont see something for a while.

8. Thanks again for the opportunity to interview you. Do you have any final thoughts or tips for our readers?

Haters comes with the title, so all i can say is hold on , no matter what they do, do what you do best and keep at it, remember error is key to success, build off your errors and you will shine, all it takes is a little hard work and remember art is not emotional it is emotion in-itself, so if you are able to stimulate a mind in a drawing of a dot, then the artist has done their job, and don’t forget there is only one person the needs to like your work and that person is not you but just that one person.



Be Sure to check out Kode’s Work.

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