Interview with Sebastiano Guerriero of WeGraphics

I’m sure most of you have heard of WeGraphics, the popular premium and free design resource site founded by Sebastiano Guerriero. We have conducted a interview with him to find out a bit more about the man behind WeGraphics and the amazing resources. Let’s get started with the interview.

Jacques van Heerden: Hi Sebastiano, welcome to Creativeoverflow. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what you do?

Sebastiano Guerriero: Howdy to all Creativeoverflow readers! I’m an Italian graphic designer who spent the last 3 years studying graphic design by himself. After a degree in Economics I understood that I preferred to spend my days creating cool stuff with my computer, rather than work in a bank. After 1 year from my degree I have been stubborn and lucky enough to run WeGraphics, my own business into the design market.

Jacques van Heerden: Have you always aspired to be a designer from when you were a little kid? Were you one of those kids that always carried a sketch book around in his backpack?

Sebastiano Guerriero: No. When I was a child my main ambition was to become a professional football player. After 3 years with not-so-good results I decided to try with music, but to be a pianist without a piano was too difficult for me. Then I switched from Investigator/superhero to lawyer, traveler and economist. Seriously, I have always been attracted by all what concern art and design, but the first time I opened Photoshop was only at the age of 21. Once fascinated enough from the design world, I decided to become a graphic designer, and it’s what I’m doing today and what I shall want to continue.

Jacques van Heerden: You run a successful Premium Resource website for designers; When did the idea of starting such a site grip you, or have you always wanted to help others simplify their work through providing resources for them?

Sebastiano Guerriero: I started WeGraphics in December 2009, and it was nothing more than a personal blog where I shared Photoshop tips and released free design resources like brushes, textures and vectors. I used a free WordPress theme and tried to write as much articles as possible to sell advertising banners. A few months later I met my actual business partner, Piervincenzo Madeo. He is an incredible web designer who ran, at that time, a well known design blog, PVMGarage. One evening I told him: why don’t you sell your blog and start working with me on a new exciting project? Well, he was crazy enough to say yes. The real birth of WeGraphics was in June 2010. It took 2 months of work with Piervincenzo to create the new site. The idea was simple: provide the best quality design resources, all in one place, at a very affordable price. Until now it’s working fine, and now I and Piervincenzo are managing a team of creative designers!

Jacques van Heerden: You create a lot of different resources for WeGraphics and the problem that a lot of designers face is finding inspiration to create new things. Where does your inspiration come from?

Sebastiano Guerriero: I have a mania for details, so every time I go into a clothing store, a library, when I watch a film, my attention is grabbed by apparently superficial details: lines, dots, fonts, color combinations, lineaments…which have an influence on my work. Of course I re-elaborate everything according with my feelings and style. It always happens that I start from a precise idea and end with something totally different.

Jacques van Heerden: Who was your main influence into pushing you into the career of designing?

Sebastiano Guerriero: When I was 21, I came across digital art communities such us DEPTHCORE and slashThree. I was stroked by the beauty of those works, so I decided to start creating art by myself.

Jacques van Heerden: Can you describe to us what a day is like in the life of Sebastiano? What are a few websites that you frequent? (please exclude google, facebook and twitter), do include your schedule of filling your body with caffeine etc..

Sebastiano Guerriero: I generally start working about 9 in the morning, with a surf in the design community updates. After replied to the emails and monitored WeGraphics statistics, I’m ready to work on new contents and new resources. During my working hours I’m always in touch with my collaborators, in order to decide together the new sets to publish. A great support is given by WeGraphics members suggestions. At 7-8 in the evening I need to go out from my computer, and I generally go to meet my friends. During the working time I can’t drink less than 5 coffee and eat less than 5 times!

Jacques van Heerden: Are you a MAC or PC user? Could you describe to us why you use the one over the other? (Perhaps include a pic of you Setup)

Sebastiano Guerriero: I’m currently working on a iMac 24″. I use Apple products because I appreciate their reliability and performance. Since I switched from a pc to a Mac, I never miss Windows.

Jacques van Heerden: Thank you for taking your time to answer some questions on Creativeoverflow. Do you have something to add for upcoming designer/illustrators perhaps?

Sebastiano Guerriero: Thanks you Jacques for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts with your community. My only advice for upcoming designers is: when you see incredible works, web design projects or digital masterpieces, never think that it’s something impossible for you to realize. A designer needs, as all the other professional figures, to study hard and experiment a lot before to be able to realize satisfactory works.

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